Thank You NiyoX Team!

Thank You “NiyoX - Equitas Bank” For The Super Fast Door Step KYC Process And Delivery Of My Visa Platinum Card With Awesome And Amazing Packaging And A Warm “Welcome Letter” Which Made Me Feel Special And Lucky To Be A Part of This Bank And Community.IMG_20210925_144332|248x500

Can You Please Provide Me The Details Regarding The ‘No. Of Free ATM Withdrawals’, ‘Charges After Completing Free ATM Withdrawals’, ‘ATM Withdrawal Charges At Different Bank ATMs’, ‘Summary Of All Charges Related To Debit Card’?

Hey @agarwal01 ! We’re glad you like NiyoX-Equitas and :niyo_community: Community. We’re happy to have you onboard :airplane:.

You can find the Schedule of Charges here:

If you do need further help, feel free to reach out to our In-App support.


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