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Hi all,

We are excited to inform you of a new product we have been working on. Other than investing in MF via goals you would be able to select an MF and invest in it without attaching a goal, similar to how you do in popular apps like Coin, Groww, or NiyoX.

We would like to hear what feature you find missing in such platforms or any feature you want to be improved.

I’ll go first - I would like if the platform suggests me a monthly amount to invest based on my income and expenditure.

So think about it and do share your thoughts in the comments below. These insights will help us build a stronger, smarter product that will definitely make life easier for everyone.

Comparison of similar Funds or % overlapping.


@VijayMylash : A portfolio analysis that gives how two similar funds in the portfolio are performing?
Just curious, may I understand more on why you need this anaylysis

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