Systematic Withdrawl Plan (SWP) and NFO Info

I’ve few questions as I’m new to Niyo Money Investments:

  1. I want to know where Systematic Withdrawal Plan option for mutual fund is available in App(Niyo Money/NiyoX) and Website.

  2. Also I was looking for applying for NFO, is it yet available?

  3. Also is portfolio rebalancing available if I choose your recommended fund for my goal but i edit the underlying fund amount distributed inside those recommendations?

  4. Is Portfolio Rebalancing available across all goal categories like General Investing, Wealth, Tax Saving, Emergency Fund, Life Goals & Purchase Goals. Is there any restriction or limitation to portfolios rebalancing?

Thank you in advance for reply and clarification regarding this. I just want to be sure before I switch my Investments to Niyo Money.

Hi @Gokul_Krishna_N,
Sharing below the required clarifications, hope this helps.

  1. Systematic Withdrawal Plan option is available on Niyo Money, but cannot be setup directly from the website or the app as of now. You can write to us at with the details of the SWP and our team will help you set it up.
    We are working on providing the same directly on the Niyo Money App aswell, and should be available in next few months.

  2. Gokul, currently we do not provide an option to apply for NFOs during the initial pre-defined period.
    However, the open ended funds are launched on Niyo Money once the NFO ends.

  3. Yes, portfolio rebalancing will still be available in such cases but it is advised to allocate the amount as per Niyo Money’s recommendations.

  4. Portfolio rebalancing is available across all goal categories except Smarter Savings, Emergency Fund and Tax Save. There is no specific restriction on portfolio rebalancing, you just need to ensure that you have enabled your Auto-Debit (NACH)


Thank you so much for clearing my concerns. Now i feel affirmative. @Pranav_Sehgal :point_up::ok_hand::+1:

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