Swift code for Niyox

Hello ! I need to transfer funds from my Payoneer account to my Niyo X account .

  1. Is it possible to deposit if the currency is in USD ?
  2. What is the Swift code of my branch - Indore Piplihana ?

Please let me know if transfer of USD into my Niyox account is possible or not . I have tried with the Niyo global account and the attempt was unsuccesful using the details provided to me in this thread - International Wire Transfer into Niyo SBM account - #2 by ashrithjain .

Hello @Ra114one,

  1. From the info that i could find, yes your account does accept inward wire transfers.
  2. Inward remittances take place through Indusind Bank and SWIFT code for the same is INDBINBBGRD. More info for the same can be found here.



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