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How to start investing in stocks and SIP. I am a newbie and not much on budget so any help on what to chose and how to chose and what amount to invest needed some guidance.

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First if you’re a customer of NiyoX equitas then you’ll be able to invest in SIP through the app itself by pressing on investments and selecting your preferred and for your stock investments you can download Niyo money and you can open a brokerage account and track both your investments on SIP & Stocks

Hope this helps

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Depends on your risk appetite. If you do not have time to invest in market, start with Index fund like uti nifty 50 or next 50 for equity which have high risk. Else go for a debt fund.

You can also invest in NPS and there is tax exemption also upto 50,000 if you invest in tier 2.

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Thank you. I am a user of niyox and the sole purpose of opening a savings account in niyox was to invest. If you can guide me with how to start both on stocks and equity funds would be a great help. Tried to google it but finding it very complicated. @ScottishBaron

If you dont mind can you please make it a bit more easier for me to understand ? @goneo

@Arjoo download Niyo Money app and you’ll be able to invest in both without hassle and track both in a single app…it’s a simple app and the UI is easy for beginners to understand

Hope this helps

@ScottishBaron thank you. Btw does the app helps to understand the basics too?

@Arjoo you get the basics of an account like demat and trading account and the necessary tools like charts and graphs after which it’s upto you to invest…I’d advice that you google RSI &MACD indicators and learn the use of these basic graphs as these are the graphs one need to know to invest as beginners…you can start with the use of these easily

Thank you. I will get to learn this and if any doubt hopefully i can ping you back? @ScottishBaron

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@Arjoo Sure…always here to help

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If you Truly want to understand Mutual funds , I would recommend you watch some YouTube Videos on It. The apps I would recommend for mutual funds are :- Niyox(Niyo Money), ET Money, Upstox. and for YouTube videos I would recommend channels that I watch ;
1.FIRST step to start Investing | Goal based investing explained by Abhi and Niyu - YouTube
2.How to Invest in Mutual Funds? | Investing Strategy for Beginners in 2021 | Ankur Warikoo Hindi - YouTube
3.What is Mutual funds | Mutual Fund for Beginners in Hindi - YouTube
4.Mutual Funds for Beginners | 5 most important Mutual Fund terms you should know | Abhi and Niyu - YouTube


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@Sachin thanks man. Definitely going to look up to it. Its just terms sometimes i find it hard to understand when i read.

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