Suggestion for upcoming features for Niyox and Niyo global with Impact!

Suggestion for upcoming features for Niyox and Niyo global with Impact!

  1. Disposable virtual Prepaid Relodable Cards with full control to use it on buying softwares etc and sharing with friends or family if sometime they need.

Impact: we sometimes want to buy something from less known site, so one time card is the solution for that.
(If possible then make it, ex - kotak has same facility years back )

2.Payment confirmation using fingerprint or niyo app Pin .

Impact: We should not be wait for otp, something we’re on wifi and mobile network is not working,
Ex - one card using swipe on screen, You can replicate or get an Idea

3.In-app service and utility bill payments with attractive offers and cashbacks (if possible )

Impact: Now phonepay, paytm is charging service fee, then Niyo can get into the business

  1. Other Tax related features.
    Impact: Not only TDS, EPF but add others features that will engage on the app

5.A service to track cheque, cancel cheque, request chequebook like you’re giving debit card management services.

Impact: People will use NiYo as their primary bank If Niyo could add those.

6.Auto sweep to Niyo FD facility (FD features on NiYo so that People will get more interest and use that account more )

Impact: FD may give less return but a flexible FD is best for short time

7.Desirable DP in (I don’t want to see avatar pic anymore, We can upload our own photo ).

Impact: People love personalized design that can reflect on the use on the app

  1. A flexible collateral Niyo Credit card with 100% limit against FD. FD can be on sweeped money. Credit card with emi conversion (sometimes no cost) and interest free credit for 50 days.

Impact: I know about new RBI guideline, heres come the opportunity to grab for Niyo to launch FD-based credit card, If someone made a FD with Niyo, He/she will not leave that bank so will increasing the usages

9.Pay to UPI Number (no boundation to use multiple apps)

Impact: If people can pay bill, manage all banking then they may not go to gpay or others.

  1. Railway Launce

Impact: it’s for Niyo global, As it is giving airport launce, If It can provide Railway launce as well it will be the best Travel card

11.Give a feature like add money through debit card option it will help to add money in Niyo account from old parents account who are not using NetBanking/UPI

Impact: extra option is always friendly for engaging customers

12.Page wise view of Payment history to a particular person/merchant(Like GPay, Phone Pe).

Impact: If anyone want to check how much he/she paid to a merchant/person then it gets very difficult to track that. Checking between statements is very tedious.

Last and final for now, A clutter free app with dynamic design and animation, a dedication and customer satisfaction team with profitable business is ALL WE WANT :blush::blush:

Hey @Biswajit_Das! Thank you for your time and patience in sharing valuable insights. :slightly_smiling_face: This will be cascaded to our product team and see if we can bring these features to the app in the future.


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