Successfully Signed Up for Niyo SBM Card


I’m really glad that after a few days of trying (Pincode not serviceable), I’m finally signed up successfully for the card, did an initial payment of 5000 and have ordered the card.

I have a couple of questions though,

1- Can I use RTGS to transfer 6 lakhs to the account?
2- Can I use the card to pay my International Tuition fee (UK) of 5000GBP?
3- What happens if there’s a refund? Will that be credited to this account?

Lastly, please don’t get me wrong :smiley: Is my money safe? Like, if there’s a dispute and stuff, Is contacting customer care the only way?

Thank you :smiley:

Hey @azharnv ! Welcome to Niyo community. We’re sorry that you had to experience that issue. Also, we’re happy to have your onboard :airplane:. Here’s answers to all your queries

  1. Yes, :100:. You can use RTGS to transfer funds into Niyo SBM account.

  2. Yes, :100:. You can use the Niyo Global VISA Signature card to pay upto ₹7,50,000 per transaction. In your case as it’s 5000 GBP, it converts to ₹5,11,584 (as of 26, August 2021).

  3. Incase there’s a hiccup during your transaction and there’s a scenario where you should get a refund, it’ll be credited back to your Niyo SBM account ideally within 24 - 48 working hours.

  4. Stay noted that your money is safe in Niyo Global account which is backed-up by SBM Bank (India) Ltd. upto ₹5,00,000 by DICGC.

If you face any kind of issues or would like to dispute a transaction, you may always reach-out to our in-app support where your issue will be addressed by our customer support officers.


Thanks for the quick reply.

I would like to know one more thing. Suppose I made a transaction for 5000 GBP and a few months later, they initiated a refund to the source, will that be credited to my account?

Yes, you’ll get that back to your Niyo SBM account.

Thanks and sorry for the follow-up questions :no_mouth:

I have ordered the card, and it says it will be delivered on or before September 10th. Will I get any email regarding the dispatch or tracking ID or any other confirmation?

Thank You, appreciate your quick responses!

PS: You guys have one of the amazing customer service I have seen so far :smiley:

Hey @azharnv ! Thanks for the kind words :innocent:

You may track your debit card which is dispatched via DELHIVERY by heading over to and entering your registered mobile number.

P.S: Your debit card takes usually 6 - 15 business days to get delivered post shipping.


Hey… Got my physical card yesterday… It was a pleasant experience unboxing the card, Thank you!

Got a few more questions :smiley:

1- I have not made any international transactions this year. I want to pay my UK fee of 5000GBP using the Niyo SBM card. As per today’s (01-Sep-2021) conversion rate, 5000GBP is 506031.90INR. So if I have 507000INR in my account, will the transaction go through?

2- What about the TCS? ( I haven’t crossed the 7Lakh limit in this FY) When and how will that be charged if I were to cross the limit?