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Dear Members,

To bring the Niyo student community together, we have brought you an amazing opportunity to come forward and interact with like-minded individuals, studying in premier institutions around the globe.

So, ladies and gentlemen, we present to you The Niyo Student Ambassador Programme, which aspires to form a representative student community of Niyo Global users across India.

About the programme

This power-packed Student Ambassador Programme is currently open to our existing student customers!

The programme includes different events to upskill your CV, garner new skills, meet new people, and establish a life-long relationship with Niyo, India’s leading Fintech.

Our Student Ambassador Programme aims to foster a collaborative student community where like-minded individuals can both grow and strengthen their networks while being Niyo Community Representatives.

What's In It For You?
  • Campus Outreach Experience
  • Holistic Marketing Experience with Niyo experts
  • A Certificate acknowledging your participation and efforts
  • Access to upcoming events; panel discussions, interactive webinars, giveaways and much more!

And the list does not end there!

Your active participation will give you the chance to

  • Tell your story and getting featured on Niyo Blogs
  • Be invited to join a panel discussion or webinar to share your journey on a LIVE stream

Or whatever you choose! We are here to facilitate your creative push and provide you with unique and formative experiences.

To keep the spirits high, we are also introducing an Exclusive Niyo Membership Badge to our Top 3 Performers!

On doing a stellar job, the Top 3 will be rewarded with-

  • Exclusive Niyo Merchandise and Goodies
  • Top ranking amongst the team
  • Paid Marketing Internship offer at Niyo

You Know You Belong Here If You Are-

  • Enthusiastic about meeting new people
  • Passionate about helping others and sharing your learnings
  • Interested in enhancing your skill-set
  • Creative and inclined towards content curation
  • Keen to learn about studying abroad

Are you feeling as pumped as we are?

So let’s take this further and you can help us to get to know you better!

Fill out this form today and let’s embark on an exciting journey.