Stuck on account creation pending page

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Please resolve the issue. Please. I am stuck om account creation pending page. Please I request you. I have been contacting Niyo for days now. None is replying now. Please I am extremely worried now. I just want a forex card. And its August now. I will not be able to arrange alternative if I get stuck here forever. Pleaseeeeeee pleaseee resolve the issue please. I can’t express you the seriousness of the issue please

Hi @Rohan_Singh1 As assured by @ashrithjain we are looking into it. Kindly allow us sometime.


Every payment, right from University fees to abroad accommodation and visa fees… I need forex card. There is a time limit I can afford to wait. That’s why I am seriously and humbly requesting, please treat my issue on urgent basis, otherwise it might prove disastrous for me to wait. Please I am begging the niyo to resolve this issue as soon as possible and issue forex card as soon as possible. Please

Hi Bansari, I am also facing the same issue.