Stuck on account creation for 2 weeks

I has been 2 weeks since I applied for the niyo global account, but didn’t receive any followups, either by mail or message. Please resolve this quickly.

Hey @randomguy! Welcome to the Niyo Community!

You should be able to proceed with the account creation now. As we checked, we noticed that your CKYC via Niyo Money is already completed. Could you please retry and confirm? Meanwhile, we are also arranging a callback to assist you further. LK

Hi @randomguy we tried connecting you on your registered number multiple times but the calls went unanswered. As we stated above you can retry onboarding. Hope you shouldn’t face any issues. If in case the issue persists kindly write to us at our team will be happy to assist you better. Thank you!

Still showing the same screen. Yes, niyo bank bangalore, called me once, which I was unable to pickup. I will prefer if you communicate through email, in future.

@randomguy We’ll have this investigated with our team. Kindly allow us some more time.

OK, thanks. Update me if anything happens.

Still no progress. :weary::weary:

@randomguy we are sorry about this. It’s taking a longer time than we’ve expected. Our team is working on it and we are constantly following up with them. We’ll reach out to you as soon as we receive further updates.

Still no luck :cry:

I don’t understand, everyone is facing the same issue. Still no resolution from the company.
Almost 2 weeks of “Processing your wealth account” :frowning:

Hi @randomguy, I’ve tried to reach out to you on your registered mobile number. Unfortunately, the calls were not connected. Our team has confirmed that the account creation pending issue has been resolved for you. We believe that your account has been successfully created and you were able to access it through Niyo Global by SBM app. For any further help, reach out to our Live Chat Support through the app and we are happy to assist you.


Yes, yesterday the account creation was completed. Thanks for the assist. :innocent:

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Hi Niyo Global support Team,

I am not able to find any process email regarding the same the approval of my global card is still in pending state.its been more than 2 months since i have initiated the process.

Kindly let me know whats the update regarding the same.

And how long will it take for the completion of the process and grant of the card.

Md Zirgham Jamil