Stuck in account creation process

I received account number and other details via email but when I try to login at Niyo Global app it gets constantly stuck at “smile and we’ll let you in”.
Also I wish to know when will i receive the card.

Request Niyo to please reach out via through mail or phone as per convenience.

I will be leaving country soon for education purposes so please reach out soon.

@Raghav_Bansal for Niyo SBM Card , You need to deposit ₹5000 and then You can Order it free .
Since you’re not able to login will cause as delayed.

Have You Tried to Uninstall & Re-start the Phone and then installed again for Login ?
Also manually give all required App Permissions.

Thank you Roshan for suggestions.

I followed your steps. However, post re-installing, the app now not recognising my number and says that no account is created.

No idea what to do now.

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That shouldn’t happen .
Rest assured Niyo team will assist you ASAP .

Hey @Raghav_Bansal! Welcome to Niyo Community!

This should have happened. As we checked, your account is fully active. We kindly request you to retry to log in to the app and check once. If the issue still persists, we kindly request you to share the screenshot/screen-recording of the issue you are facing. Also, let us know the handset device details and OS (android/ios) version.


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Thank you Roshan and Deepak for your support.

I have successfully loaded money and ordered card.

The issue is resolved!