*Spend* some time - Give us feedback on 'Transactions' in NiyoX! 😶

Hello, hello

I’m here to talk about some things that are in the works for us from a Transactions perspective, and also to get your creative juices flowing!

I’m hoping you’ve all gotten a chance to check out our Transactions page. You must’ve noticed your transactions look a little like this right now:


This is the narration we get, and we are showing it unprocessed which I understand must be annoying. We are going to try to transform that into something like this:

Spent at Amazon

Additionally, you’ll be able to see the mode of payment against every transaction, whether it be UPI, or Card Payment, or a Fund Transfer! And that’s not all. We’ll be starting to classify your transactions into categories ourselves (Food, Shopping, etc), so keep an eye out for that. You can always change them if you want, but we will try and make an educated guess from our end, and hopefully, that will aid you in the task of categorization.

What are we going to do with all of that categorization? Well, you’ll have to stay tuned for that but it’s something that begins with a “Spend” and ends with an “Analyzer”.

All in all, we are pretty psyched about the changes and hope you’re excited as well.

One last thing, though. I was really hoping you’d help us out with some feedback and recommendations for the transactions page. Anything to do with transactions, their details, filters, categories. Or anything at all really (I won’t say no to a movie/song recommendation, just saying). Questions are always welcome!

Something to get you started -

What feature would you like to see next in Transactions?
  • Statement download
  • Option to attach a bill/image
  • Subscription management
  • Alerts for spending/saving targets

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OkThxBye. :sunflower:

It will be great if all of the features are added.

Will there be option to correct merchant details or add merchant data if not detected automatically?

Like monzo does



Yep, Vaibhav! This will be a part of our effort to improve our categorization and narration cleanup algorithms. We will bring those features in the later versions.

How about adding information of the points gained for each transaction ? That would help us track on a single platform rather than check on Equitas rewards page everytime.


That’s a great idea! We are def trying to bring the Equinox points to our app slowly and will be starting off by showing you your overall points balance.

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Add UPI Payment in app itself like you have for niyo idfc



I’m facing issue after clicking on send money,like transaction gets successful but I’ll be in the same page only ,I get message regarding successful transaction.

Am I only facing this or others also, please do let me know.


Hi Vaaraahi - Thanks for highlighting it. We have taken it up with our internal team and it would be fixed in future releases. Rest assured, your money is successfully transferred to the beneficiary account =).


Even after certain transactions the amount is not updating on the screen unless we refresh it. It would be better if it is fixed!


Couldn’t agree more!