Spend abroad option disabled

I am not able to enable - Spend abroad option on the Niyo app. I am in United States and not able to make payment
Kindly assist on urgent basis here.

Hey there! We sincerely regret the inconvenience. We have raised the issue with the team and it should get resolved in the next 24 hours. Thank you for your patience. LK

Hi there, the International usage option is now available in the updated version of IDFC app. We request you to use IDFC app or IDFC Netbanking services. Any inconvenience is sincerely regretted. LK

Same issue here. Unable to use my card on domestic sites either.

Hey @shady797 , we are getting your issue checked on top priority. We will keep you updated on this. SR

Not able to enable spend abroad, it says otp sent but never delivered, worst services niyo IDFC :rage::rage:

Hey @ram_patel, due to a minor technical maintenance, you are facing the issue. The team is alreay onto it and the issue will be resolved soon. We appreciate your patience. SR

3 days no resolution, definitely not a minor issue, it’s a major issue as advertised 007 banking :sob::sob:

Hey @ram_patel, we sincerely apologize for the delay. The team is working to resolve the issue. We will let you know the moment the issue is tesolved. SR

Still the issue is not resolved???

I took this card to US to make my payment for my living expenses while studying here but I feel cheated as after weeks of follow-up this issue is still not resolved.

Bank should understand the plight of the customers.

I have tried enabling the international limit from IDFC app still not able to make payment.

Not available still, that’s even worse than SBI Bank

Worst service I ever purchased in my entire life.

We will request you to kindly follow the below steps in order to activate the spend abroad option in the IDFC app

  1. Kindly download the IDFC FIRST Bank (New)

  2. Go to the ‘Have option’

  3. Go to the card option

  4. Click on the card

  5. You will get option related to domestic and international

  6. The user will have to divide or key in the limit for domestic and International

​7. Enter the POS, ECOM, and ATM limits.

Please note it cannot cross the total limit of the card*

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The IDFC FIRST Bank(new) app is not working it’s redirecting us to use the existing app.

It prompts - The new app will be launched in phases till then use the existing app.

I have tried using the existing app to enable the spend abroad option but still not working/not able to make any payment.

Kindly verify when will the new app start working and also till then atleast resolve the spend abroad issue.

Aman Tandon

Please check the above mentioned comment and let me know an alternative option to activate the international payment option on an urgent basis.

Please respond to the above mentioned queries. It been weeks since I have been waiting for the resolution.

Hey Aman! We are facing issues with certain features on this app and hence we had re-directed you to IDFC app or Netbanking services. The new app should also be available to all the users shortly. We sincerely regret the inconvenience. LK.

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