Some Queries about using the card in Japan (JPY currency)

Hello, I have applied for a Niyo debit card. I will be moving to Japan in a few weeks and will be using this card to transact there in JPY currency. I have the following questions -

  1. Will this card work to withdraw money from the ATMs there?

  2. What all charges are involved when I withdraw money from ATM?

  3. What all charges are involved when I do POS transactions and online transactions in JPY?

  4. Since the card has money in INR unlike a Forex card where the money is loaded in JPY itself, will I be affected by fluctuations in currency conversion rates? How much can these fluctuations be in reality for INR to JPY?

  5. If I were to withdraw 10,000 yen from the ATM, what could be the total debit from my account as an example?

Hey @ableabh ! Welcome to the community. We are happy to have you as a part of the Niyo family :blush:.

  1. Yes, indeed! It can be used anywhere in the world where VISA cards are accepted.
  2. At international ATMs ₹100 per transaction + GST = ₹118/TXN.
  3. There are no charges for POS and ECOM transactions.
  4. All the international transactions with Niyo Global by SBM will be processed based on the LIVE Visa Exchange rate. To check the exact conversion rate, you can use the Niyo Global by SBM app.
  5. You can check the real-time VISA exchange rate/currency rate by clicking on link: Currency Converter - Exchange Rate Calculator | Visa

Hope this helps. If you do need further assistance, feel free to reach out to us again!

Thanks for the info.
If I withdraw cash from an ATM, will there be any fees charged by the local bank whose ATM I am using as well as any other charges from their end?

@ableabh , the Acquiring Bank’s charges may apply. You can see the charges in the Withdrawal slip.