SIP amount is not showing in my investment account

In my investment account it shows total SIP amount is zero and suggest me to create a new SIP. But already I have some schedule SIP.

Hi Rakesh, sorry about that let me get this checked out and get back to you.

Please give me some update

Hi Rakesh, we have found the issue. In some cases where there were multiple SIPs, while modification of an individual SIP, other SIPs were getting stopped. Sorry about it :frowning:
We will be releasing the updated app with the fix by tomorrow. Will let you know once it is out. Unfortunately, you will have to set up your SIPs again. Sorry about it again :frowning: Let me know if I can help you in any way with this.

Hi Rakesh, the updated app is available on play store now. It should not have this issue. But you will have to set up any stopped SIPs again. Regret the hassle.

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