Signature Visa Debit Card Possible with Niyo?

IDFC offers Visa Signature Debit Card. Does the NIYO IDFC First SA offer the same card ? If not is it possible to get that ?

How about I open account with IDFC First with Signature Visa Debit card with 25K MAB requirement and then use the same details to open Niyo ? Doable?

Please clarify - bottom line is i want the simplicity of Niyo with Signature Visa debit card.


Interested in the same. I already hold Niyo Global, now I want to enjoy the benefits of Visa Signature

how is your experience with Niyo global ? Also did you have the Niyo IDFC first account already?

Hey there! Welcome to Niyo community.

Niyo offers only Visa Platinum Debit Card currently. IDFC FIRST Bank account holders will not be able to open an account with us.

Are you sure about this ? I opened the niyo idfc account while having the idfc signature account. Moreover KYC was also not required in my case.

then i dont see any additional reason to open the account unless i was travelling out of the country which is not gonna happen in Coronakaal.

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