Server maintenance

I came across a post about server maintenance but it didn’t give the information i needed so heres my question,

I understand that i cant access the banking services till server maintenance is over tho and thats probably the reason why i cant see the money thats being credited to my account though i can still pay to ppl online via the main shopping platform even if its not via niyox.

i d like to know if money is being credited to my account at the same time when server maintenance is ongoing will it still show up in my account after the maintenance is over with some delay, (i hope this is the case since me/others having to credit the money again would be troublesome) and if it will show up in my account with the delay then how many days does it take to show up in my transactions and balance amount.

or will the money have to be credited again by me or other person?

Hi @Leon, welcome to our community! this is to keep you informed when it’s a server maintenance time do not make the transactions. Even if the transactions are done if the payment is getting stuck it takes around 10 to 15 business days to get refunded. Hence we do not recommend transferring the funds while the maintenance activity is going on. For any further assistance kindly reach out to Live chat support our team will be happy to assist you better.

Ohh… Kay i gotcha.and if it does get refunded will it get refunded to the person who transferred it or will it be transferred to the person its being paid to (in case of either of the people receiving the money or sending the moneys accounts are under the maintenance)…
and i understand that now that its better not to do transfers during maintenance but does the money always get stuck when app is under maintenance or does it only happen sometimes?.

I dont need further assistance yet i just need the answer to these questions is all so it would be better if you answered them even if its late since it d just take longer to explain it to a new person on live chat.but if i do need it i ll be sure to contact the live chat if my money is still stuck after 14 days.

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