Server down issue

Dear Concerns,

I was excited and happily opened the account at Equitas last night only, during the same I have applied for the debit card as well but by mistake, I choose a black debit card. When further had chat with Bot/Aniruddha (long discussion) he asked me to proceed through card setting for needful changes.

Since midnight (02.00 am) I am following the same but it’s showing the same error as the server down, Aniruddha told me that no need to worry and it will get resolved within 2-3 hrs but nothing has happened till time (it’s been almost 10 hrs now)

Thank God I do not have any emergency but if it is there, is your system working in the background? Please chase with your IT as immediately as possible on the same. It’s a private banking world and such long-time errors not only irritating but also time-wasting.

God Bless you.

Hi Suresh,

Firstly welcome to the Niyo Community!

We are so sorry for the hassle :frowning:
The issue has been highlighted with the team. Rest assured, it will be resolved on priority.
We shall keep you updated.


Hey, it’s Sarvesh not Suresh
Hopes this is addressing to me.

Yes @Sarvesh_Gavande ,

Yes indeed the post was addressing to you. Sorry for the typo :confused:


By mistake my dibet card is black

Hi @Syed_Moin ,

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You can re-order the card from the app. Re ordering fee has been waived off till 31st March 2022.

PS: Make sure to nil the balance and block your card before re ordering.