Serious security issue found my funds are accessible to all the merchants where ever I use my debit card

When ever I swipe my card at a merchants if he issues a refund then later the merchants has access to that funds even after the money has been credited to my account he can access my money and take the amount.

There is a Chance of dispute.

I have already raised a ticket with you and called you regarding this you said you will get back to this in 2-3 days it’s been more than 10days no replay and I tried calling you today too… But the call is getting disconnected.

And you are not supporting calls from number other than that is registered with so that I have recharge my sim with an international pack and tried calling you even then I haven’t got any replay. I spent nearly 1000rs to get this sorted out yet no replay.

Service sucks.

Hey Santosh! Welcome to the Niyo Community! We are very sorry to hear that you had to undergo so much hassle. Please share your ticket ID with us so that we can get the checked right away for you. LK

First post this in the community then I will tell I have already gave you the chance to make it right you haven’t replied and I tried calling you your service is not at all good.

First post this then we will discuss further you can call me on 7396164642

Hey Santosh! We tried reaching you on the given number but the calls went unanswered. Your issue is already with IDFC team and is already being investigated. We humbly ask you to allow us 5 more days so that we can resolve this and update you. LK

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