Serious Issue with Niyo IDFC ATM Debit Card


There is some serious issues with Niyo IDFC DEBIT CARD. Till now I’m unable to withdraw cash from the ATMs. It’s shows as either SYSTEM ERROR 70 or System ERROR.

I spoke with the staff of concerned ATMs which I tried withdrawal and they told me that this is due to the issue with IDFC.

Look in this issue immediately and resolve the issues ASAP.

Slip i received from one ATM is enclosed.

Awaiting for your prompt action.

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I’m facing similar issue and not been able to enable ATM withdrawal option. It throws DCMS 70 error therefore I’m sure I can encounter the above issue once I get my debit card. It’s been more than 10 days with no update from Niyo support.

Hi @Tousif27,

My doesn’t have DCMS ERROR 370. But I can’t withdraw cash from ATM.

Many are facing DCMS ERROR 370. It’s been a month and Niyo didn’t rectify it yet.

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