Scratch card of NiyoX not found

I received an email dated June 29, 2021 from NiyoX (screenshot enclosed), where it is said we are happy to provide a scratch card which is just right for you. But when I am clicking the “show me the scratch card” and “But show me the scratch card anyway” it is said “Page not found” (screenshot enclosed). Why is it happening? If you cannot provide me a scratch card, please don’t send any email or SMS for it. Please mention the email id of NiyoX so that I can mail the matter for your consideration.

Sumit Ghoshal
Customer ID: 9227596

Hi @Smtsl
Oops! :neutral_face: Sometimes we make mistakes too but we’re always up for fixing them. We are getting this checked right away.

I am also facing the same error

Hi @Smtsl ,
Hope the issue has been resolved.

Hi @Rohit_Kewalramani ,

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We are getting this checked for you.

Hi @Rohit_Kewalramani
Hope the issue has been resolved and you have received the benefit of scratch card.


I have also got several emails regarding scratch card

@Bansari , Unfortunately no.
Where do I find the scratch card? My app is already up to date. Clicking on the email says page not found. Within the app. where can I find the scratch card?

What is the amount (in Indian rupees) you are giving for the scratch card? How many scratch cards are you sending? I find that so many emails are coming for unlocking the scratch card, but when I click to any one of them, I find “Page not found”. Why it is happening? Please review the matter from your side.

Sumit Ghoshal from India.
Mob: 9123877817
Customer Id 9227596 (NiyoX)

Hi @Rohit_Kewalramani @Smtsl ,

Did you try refreshing your transaction page in NiyoX app? I am sure you will be able to spot it over there.


Hi @P_K
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Kindly let us know how can we assisit you?


No it’s not there under transaction screen, tried refreshing it several times and no other updates for the app are available in ios store.

I have faced the same issue regarding scratch card

@Bansari now I received a notification on the app regarding the card. When I click it — it leads me to a webpage saying “Page not found”.

Try updating the app my Issue was resolved after updating the app.

When you open the app with password. Under pending actions, you can see scratch card. When you scratch the card you will see the amount rewarded. I hope it solves your query.

i am facing the same issue… i am getting sms of scratch card but when i click on the link… it shows error. And when i open the top menu of the app… there is also no scratch card.

Hey @Harsh0116 welcome to Niyo Community!

We kindly request you to reach us through in-app support, going to Menu > Support > Need Help > Chat with our team, and we’ll get this checked from our end and help you at the earliest.

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