Scratch card link with Page Not Found

This is the message I received through SMS, WhatsApp, email…

Dear Vinit Kumar,

Congratulations!! You have a scratch card with assured cash rewards :tickets: waiting for you on your NiyoX app! Please visit the Pending Actions tab on your NiyoX app to claim your reward :trophy: click to check now… Thank you!

And after clicking on the link, the surprise gift is “Page Not Found”.

Completely fake, fra*ud bank…
I am thinking to close my account.
Customer Id: 9184049

Hi @VinitKumar ,

Opps :frowning: Sorry for the hassle experience :confused: we are getting this checked. Kindly bear with us for a while and we shall get back to you with a resolution.


5 days over and still I am getting scratch card emails, WhatsApp, SMS…
And after opening the links…

"Page Not Found."

Please let me know what is the process to close the account.


Hey @VinitKumar ! Sorry for the inconvenience caused. We’re getting this checked. Just hang in there until this gets resolved.


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