SBM Visa Card not working

Please understand we are only subscribing Niyo SBM to use it as Forex card. If the primary purpose isn’t being served then what’s the use of this card? Do UPI(I can use gpay, Amazon pay too)?

I am buying the niyo sbm card for specific reason… “To do transaction out of India”
What am I supposed to do if the visa card isn’t working. I have raised multiple tickets. Each time they told me to change atm pin, unlock card, unlock card features. Still the card isn’t working.

These are my ticket IDs and screenshots.

1003478, 1006859.

You want screenshot right?? See below.

Tried 3 banks and 2 Petrol Pumps. Card isn’t working.

Don’t reply me with shitty solution to change atm pin, lock nd unlock card, unlock features. I have tried those things 20 times.

I was the who was recommending NiYo SBM card to community. But guys all this Niyo SBM can do is UPI Transaction (only works in India).

Very dissatisfied and disappointed with this kind of service.

Don’t delete my post by saying it contained personal information.
Have some guts and solve the issue.

Here’s your screenshots too.

Hello, I have received my card 13 days back, Whenever I try to use it for POS transactions, I am getting a “Do not honor” error. I have raised the ticket: 1003478. Please help me with this issue. The ticket issue has been closed without my consent.

Yours Sincerely,
Harit Patwa

Hey @haritpatwa ! Sorry for the delayed response. We’re aware of the issue and are currently fixing it as we speak. Our expectation is that the existing cards should start working in next few days with the changes we make on our system. We’re working with VISA and the partner bank to have the same rectified. You’ll be notified instantly once we have an update.


Hey Is you issue solved ? Please let me know so I can get a backup card.

No it has not been resolved yet. Card is not working. Please help me

Hey @ashrithjain @Bansari please look into this matter and solve it ASAP.

I’ve been facing the some challenge! There was no information also given proactively, so I didn’t plan for an alternative. Now, I had to struggle to get another forex card last minute so that I don’t have to rely on niyo. Really not a good experience!!

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We too have faced the same proble. Not able to withdraw from ATM 2 days back . Will try to do it from another ATM today.

Its a VISA card. Why is it facing so many problems?
The only transaction which has worked was on Viator, which was an internatonal card verification. They debited and deposited Rs 1 for verification.

I am facing the same problem. My flight is due in a week and I can not get a new forex card this early.
The only reason I opened an account with Niyo was for their forex debit card. So it ended up being a complete waste of my time and in the end I am stuck without any forex card thanks to Niyo.
Horrible customer service and totally useless product. I am never going to recommend Niyo to anyone.

Day before yesterday we tried on 2 different cards in NKGSB bank ATM and it worked . We withdrew 500 Rs and 100 Rs. The ATM did not ask for any conversion option.

Directly handed out the cash like regular debit card.

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Hey, I am facing the same issue with my Niyo SBM, Is your issue resolved yet?? I have no backup card and I’m stranded thanks to Niyo, My ticket Id is 1025160 and 1026172.

Hi @Uday_Rajdeep,

Welcome to the Niyo Community!

Thanks for sharing the ticket details we shall take it up with respective team. You will receive an update soon on this.


Facing same problem today at Delhi airport. Not expected this Niyo company. Disappointed. Please please take other forex card as Niyo SBM card has multiple issues and right now it is not at all useful in foreign countries.

Hi! Facing the same problem. I got the card about 2-3 weeks back and the Card is not working even after locking/unlocking the card, disabling/enabling the other locks, changing the pin etc multiple times. I am currently in France/Belgium region and it did not work in any of the ATMs or POS. I am basically with no money here, having to depend on others for my spending. Please let me know if the issue with Visa is resolved yet. My tickets are 1028580 and 1028578

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My issue resolved after raising tickets in 5 days. I appreciate the Niyo customer support and efforts. Now able to make online payment and receiving OTP via email as well as on my mobile number. :slight_smile:

Hey @kvnptl ! We’re glad to hear that your issue has been resolved. We appreciate you taking time to give us a positive review.

Stay tuned for further updates :sunglasses:



I am facing the same issue with my NIYO card. I am not able to do any transaction on POS. I am currently in UK and I am not able to make any transaction. Please fix this ASAP as I do not have an alternative.

Thank you