Sbm closed my account just because of high value transaction

So i received email from sbm bank that your account is freezed you need to provide these details

  1. Your Occupation along with line of business or service :
  2. Source of Income / Documentary evidence for source of income like (Last 2 years ITR, Salary slip, Bank Statement, etc.,) :
  3. Source of fund in account :
  4. Relationship with counterparties from where funds were credited in or debited from account :
  5. Purpose of transaction

I sent all the details and documents but after 20 days they are saying we are unable to unfreeze your account.

Most of the transaction was made between my own accounts

So my question is can they freeze account just because of high value transaction?

Also they are saying to open a current account if i will open a current account will i get zero markup fee card because that’s why i opened this account?

Hey @cashapp! As per SBM Bank’s internal policy, we are sorry that we couldn’t unfreeze your account. It is requested to use the Niyo Global by SBM card for international transactions. As of now, we do not have a Current Account facility with us. If you wish to open it, you may have to contact the bank directly and have to check their offerings.