Same mutual funds shown separately

Hello, I invested a lumpsum amount in a mutual fund and a week later I invested in it again but it is being shown separately from the earlier investment.

Hi Vikram, when you make a new investment, you always get the option to select the Folio Number. In your case, you already had two funds of Aditya Birla Mutual Fund company. Since the fund in which you invested first has higher value, that folio was selected by default.

On the portfolio page, every unique folio number and fund is shown separately that’s why you are seeing two funds.

Going forward, if you want the same folio then on the amount page, you can select the folio number that you want. Or to avoid confusion, you can simply click on the fund on the portfolio page and click on Invest button. The same folio will be selected by default.

Hope this clarifies :slight_smile:

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