Rs. 10000 payment FAILURE for Niyo IDFC FIRST Bank Account creation on the Niyo IDFC app -- What are alternative ways to open this account.

I am trying to create a Niyo IDFC FIRST Bank Account on the Niyo IDFC app and was prompted to make a payment of Rs. 10000 on CCAvenue.

I made the payment twice, once using a debit card and then using net banking, but both times the transactions failed.

Ticket #846988 – Niyo CS replied that refund will be done in 3-7 days and that they are not able to onboard me now and need 2-3 days to get this checked.

My question:

If the CCAvenue payment transaction fails like this, then how can I open the Niyo IDFC FIRST Bank Account? I have read on the Niyo community about many people facing similar issues of transaction failures. Alternatively, can’t Niyo you open the account for me and I will then SURELY fund Rs. 10000 using IMPS/NEFT - this much safer and more convenient, with zero chances of failure. Niyo/IDFC can close the account in case Rs. 10000 is not funded within 24 hours of account opening. The payment failure on CCAvenue is cumbersome and wastes a lot of time. Also, are there any other such alternative methods to open this account? Please HELP me as I URGENTLY need the Niyo IDFC FIRST Bank Account.

Hey Ashish! We certainly understand your concern and we have also forwarded it to our team to ensure that we are able to serve you better. As communicated earlier, please rest assured, the funds should get refunded back to the source account within 7 business days. We also recommend that you to try the account creation process during the day for best results. LK

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