Reward not recieve yet

Today morning I received a text about niyox cashback … I load my account with 500₹ and get 2 scratch card. But when ever try to scratch it’s, it’s show you received ₹ but it’s not come into my niyox account.

If u solve it I love to use this app


Welcome to the Niyo Community!

We are glad to know that you love the app :slight_smile: , having said that could you please notify about this to our support team? You can reach out to them NiyoX App > Menu > Support.

There are chances you might get instant resolutions without waiting for our response here.


1st thing I don’t love ur app coz ur customer support…

And in the name of instant solution it’s take one hour to get solve a problem … Thank god I’m not face any big problem with niyox … If happened then it’s take more then a day …

Worthless customer service, waste experience.
Keep fooling


We are really sorry to hear about the situation that you faced. We treat feedback with the utmost care and we will take steps to improve the customer service experience.

Furthermore as you talk about your experience could you help me with the ticket IDs generated by you? so that I can have a close look at it and further investigate it to identify loop holes.

At Niyo we are working to develop a memorable brand personality and increase client loyalty


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