Request for fast/express delivery of Niyo Forex card

Hi Team,

I hope you are well amidst the pandemic.

I will be leaving for the UK on 7th September 2021, early morning. Requesting you to send the Forex card via express delivery since I do not have much time and as per the app it says 10 September or before for delivery. Kindly consider this a priority or else I will have to face a lot of problems during my time outside India.

Thanking you in advance. Please consider this a sincere request.

Kind regards,
Jarvis Ivan Rebello

Hi @Jarvis_Ivan_Rebello

Welcome to the Niyo Community!

Though we’ve seen it get delivered sooner in some cases based on location, we’ll try our best to get your card delivered within the promised time.



As per, my package is not yet been received at the source, which will delay the delivery process. Since, I’m having a time crunch, I’m again requesting you to send the card. Kindly take a look and let me know.

Jarvis Rebello

Hey @Jarvis_Ivan_Rebello ! We’ve edited your response as it contained sensitive information. We respect your privacy

Thank you very much. I forgot to mask my sensitive information.

I’m aarif m Ghanchi
My card new
Khab aayega

Hi @Aarif_Ghanchi ,

Welcome to the Niyo Community!

Your Niyo Global by SBM card would be delivered to you with 7 to 10 working days. Once the card is dispatched you can track it from Delhivery website with your registered mobile number.


I have the same issue, it is saying 13th September and I need it before 7th. Is that a possibility? Please help me. Or else I would have to look for another forex.

Please look into the matter. I will be highly grateful.


We have observed in certain cases card is delivered earlier than the said time however we will try our best to deliver the card within promised duration.

PS: Product is still in beta phase so we recommend you to carry a back for your international travel.


It’s showing 16th September, can this date be changed to earlier one? If yes please help me. I am in need of urgent requirement.