Reliability of transactions in foreign countries

I will be travelling to Geneva, Switzerland in a few days. I am thinking of doing my transactions through Niyo Global Card by SBM. But I am a bit concerned by the following posts on the community -

  1. Card declining in POS machine in Canada
  2. POS transactions constantly getting declined using Niyo SBM Forex Card with EMV declined error message
  3. Terrible Service From Niyo Global

I am thinking of depositing all the money in the Niyo Bank account for my trip. But I am concerned , what will I do if I my transactions don’t work. Should I split the money to different accounts before going to be on the safe side (in case Niyo Bank card does not work) ?

Hey @Pranav_Rai!

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Niyo Global by SBM is a VISA card and is widely accepted in 150+ countries. The card has got one of the best acceptance rates and we have got you covered with 24*7 Live Chat support to assist you with any queries or concerns, Rest assured for a hassle-free experience when you transact through our Niyo SBM card. LK