Regarding Visa Fx rates

I’ll use Niyo Card by next month. I want to know more about Visa Fx rates. This because I read schedule of charges and they have mentioned that International POS transactions- Free (Visa Fx rates applicable)

What is that mean actually? I wanted to know more about numbers and rates? Is it free or what?

Hey @Harshal_Prajapati

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Please rest assured that the card offers zero forex markup on all your International transactions. However, as ours is a VISA Signature card, the Live VISA Exchange rate would be applicable while transacting. LK

Hey…I appreciate your positive response.
In my understanding live visa exchange rates means… If a doller rate is 75 in Live visa exchange rate then it’ll directly affect to my Niyo card transaction in INR. (Without additional percentage charges in POS).

Let me know, if I’m missing something.


You are absolutely right! LK

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