Regarding use of niyo sbm card

Just received my niyo sbm card. Thank you for quick process.
I have few doubts please clear them in order of the questions:

  1. If i load money in card will it be in INR or in CAD as i am travelling to canada

  2. What if after landing in canada I want to change the phone number linked to this card, as otp comes to the registered mobile number

  3. I am also planning to travel in Maldives, Will this card work there?

  4. I am planning to buy laptop using online shopping in canada, will this card work for online ordering in canada?

Hey @Dhairya_Patel ! We’re happy to have you onboard :airplane:

(1/4) You may load your card in INR and spend in over 150+ countries without having to pay for any forex markup charges.

(2/4) Unfortunately, as of now, you cannot change the registered mobile number. We recommend you to kindly activate international roaming on your cellular number so that you enjoy all the benefits you were enjoying in India.

(3/4) Yes! You may :100:% use it in Maldives.

(4/4) You may go ahead and order anything while you’re abroad. Just make sure to enable international transactions on your card.

okay thx for the update.
For answer no2 I think I will give my registered sim card here in india to my relative so that If any otp is required, he can msg me and help me do the transaction.

Kinda tricky way but I think it should work right?

Waiting for ur input on this

Hey @Dhairya_Patel ! For security reasons, we would definitely not encourage you to do the same.

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