Regarding Niyo Global SBM card

Hi Team,

I’d want to know how charges are imposed after applying for the Niyo Global SBM card, and if it’s a credit or debit card. I already verified the application procedure, but it is still pending. Please let me know the application status and how all other costs are applied to my card. I would also like to know if there are any registration fees or yearly fees associated with this type of card,

As well as how I can get my physical card delivered to my location. Please inform me of everything in detail.

Please help me out.
Any help is appreciated


Hey @tharun3e! Welcome to Niyo Community! Thank you for choosing Niyo Global by SBM!

Niyo is partnered with SBM Bank and offering Niyo Global by SBM savings account. With your Niyo SBM account, you’ll receive a debit card. There are no charges to open an account. However, to order a debit card, you need to add 5000 INR to your Niyo SBM account. Once the card request is placed, you can utilize the funds for your transactions. The good part is, that there are no annual charges for your account and for the debit card. It’s absolutely free. It’s simply a 0 maintenance account.
The debit card will be delivered to the communication address that you have given during the onboarding procedure.

Your account creation is in-progress, we kindly request you to wait and be assured that we’ll help you with it.


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Hey, @Deepak In addition, all deposited money earns a 5% interest rate. Could you please confirm this?

@tharun3e you may check our previous post here: Everything about Interest Rates and how they’re calculated


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Thank you very much for answering all of my questions. In terms of quick responses, I appreciate this community. I’m looking forward to completing all of my application processes as soon as possible so that I may get my hands on the Niyo Global SBM card.

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@tharun3e It is our delight to hear such positive words and always a pleasure to serve our valued customers like you. Rest assured, we’ll help you with the account creation at the earliest.

Stay safe!