Regarding Niyo Global DCB card

I am Het Bharatkumar Patel from Gujarat, India. Although my date of birth is 1st April 2004 ( under 18 ), I have my PAN card. I am admitted at University of Alberta , Alberta, Canada. So, I am going to travel to Canada by 9th August 2021. That’s why I require Niyo Global DCB card at the earliest. So, please send me a link to get Niyo Global card on my registered email id.
Thank you

Hi @hetBpatel909 ,

Welcome to the Niyo Community!

Onboarding for Niyo Global by DCB is on hold as we are going through process enhancements. As of now you can get your hands on Niyo Global by SBM. Please be noted that its in Beta Version and you might face some hiccups in the same but rest assured we are here to help you.
Also it takes 15 working days for Niyo Global SBM card to be delivered so please plan accordingly.


Hi @Bansari,

When DCB Global Niyo Card product will be up? Can you let us know the tentative Go-Live date of this product? My travel to Maldives is on next month so i need this card before that ? I could not trust beta version for now. I want hassle free experience. So, please let me know the Go-Live date of DCB Global Niyo Card. I can make my decision accordingly to go for Beta card or not.

Thanks and Regards,
Ronak Jain.