Regarding my verification of niyo account.. It is now going to be more than a month then also my account is not verified

Hey @Ashutosh9934! Welcome to Niyo Community!

A few of our users are facing this onboarding issue. Kindly request you to Message Us share the mobile number used to open the account and we’ll have this checked.


My mobile no is 7023459723…since it is going to be more than a month… I complained also several time but nothing is happened till now… Please resolve my issue

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Hey @Ashutosh9934! We understand that it’s taking a long time and we are sorry about it. Our team is working on it and this may take some more time. We kindly request you to wait and we’ll reach out to you as soon as the issue is fixed.


Sir at least you tell me please now how much maximum time i have to wait for verification so that i will plan according to that… It is already 2 month… Your customer support always telling that it will take 4-5 days… But now it became 2 month nearly. I have another bank account also but only this account is taking so much time… I don’t know why???

It is going to be more than 2 month and my account is not verified till now after kyc. Olease resolve my issue

Helit is going to be 2 month now and my account is not verified. Please resolve my issue