Refer and earn option in niyox app?

There should be an option of refer and earn , but i don’t find it on app , if it is then direct me to .

Hey @Poonam_Parmar, we’re humbled by the response we’ve received for our latest feature - ‘Refer & Earn’ with NiyoX. And we thank you for your interest!

This is to keep you posted that we will gradually roll out the ‘Refer & Earn’ feature to users with an average monthly balance of ₹ 5000 and above in phases. Once it’s made available to you, you’ll hear from us about it. Stay tuned!


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Sir why not l get my refar reward plz check it

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Did you try raising this concern to our support team? Our support team is working tirelessly round the clock to provide a seamless experience to our customers.

Here’s how you can reach out to them NiyoX App > Menu > Support.


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What is my referral code

What is Niox Campaigns and Referals ?
How it works ?
Can any one explain ???

Hi @MR_D.K_Båirwã_2 @Kaliprasad_Mishra

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This thread might suffice your curiosities :slight_smile: