Redirecting me to create mutual funds account when I'm trying to create Niyo Global by SBM

Hi! I tried creating the Niyo Global account today. After I gave all the information, it asks me to create a mutual funds account and asks me for my banking information, which is not what I want. I’ll be traveling abroad next month and I’d like to have a Niyo Global card by SBM (Visa Signature). So, kindly resolve this issue asap. I have attached the screenshots as well.

Hey @Aakash_DK! Welcome to Niyo Community!

The onboarding for Niyo Global by SBM is based on CKYC. While onboarding, if our system couldn’t find your CKYC details, we’ll create one for you through Niyo Money. Once your CKYC number is generated, your account will be created and you’ll be able to access it through the Niyo Global by SBM. Kindly note, that it may take up to 5-7 business days to generate the CKYC number.


The same problem has been happening to me since yesterday. I couldn’t get past the esign page. And I haven’t got any reply on the niyo support since yesterday. Please solve this asap! @Deepak