RE: Forex Markup is Not Zero

This is regarding the following community post. Forex markup is NOT ZERO

  1. Has the above been resolved? I am asking this because I am travelling out of India in the month of March and want to make sure that the same situation doesn’t arise.

  2. Also, my international transactions on NiyoX keep getting rejected despite enabling them on the app and each time a call comes from equitas bank before I could go ahead. Can I enable these transactions for a longer period of time so they are not getting rejected again and again and I don’t keep receiving calls from Equitas bank customer care.

Hey @Divay_Agarwal Welcome to Niyo Community :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. The issue has been resolved. In the previous post, the user was using an old card for his international transactions due to which forex mark-up has been charged. We’ve communicated to upgrade the card to the latest one which has a Tap & Pay feature which can be used for international transactions at 0 forex mark-up.

  2. For the first time, your international transaction may not be successful. Once you attempt it, you’ll receive a confirmation call from Equitas Small Finance Bank. Post the bank approval, you should be able to perform international transactions. In case, if you haven’t received it, you can reach out to the bank at or 18001031222


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