Query on invest the change feature

Hey @ashrithjain, @Bansari
I have been a beta user of niyox app and noticed that invest the change feature was released recently to Beta. I have enabled it and done one bank transfer to one of my other bank account using niyox to test this feature, but the itc didn’t trigger. Are there restrictions on kind of transaction that trigger this feature( Example ecom, pos swiping etc)? Also clicking on the investment tab is causing to lock the application and not letting the user to see the investments.

I’m also a beta user but I don’t see such feature. Can you guide me on how to enable that? With screenshot possibly?

It’s right up there in investments section


Hi Ranjeth,
Thanks for your query. We are testing “Invest the change” feature and it will be available soon on Niyo X.

Hi Sudheer,
Thanks for your query. We are getting this checked at our end.

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