Queries regarding the new SBM card

Hii Niyo, hope you are doing well, I want to ask you that when you guys are resuming to provide Niyo global card because it’s been a month now I am not getting any response from niyo sales team and do the kyc is going to online be online ?

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Hey @Wasimkhan ! We’ve deleted your message as it contained sensitive information. Kindly make sure to DM a Niyo representative if your message contains any kind of sensitive information. We respect your privacy

Hey all, I have ordered the Niyo sbm card! Can’t wait to start using it…

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Well I am sorry, I have posted query in the wrong section, I am talking about Niyo global DCB forex card.

Currently I have 5k in the savings account. I want to convert that into USD and keep it in the card… how do I do that?

Hi @Kiran_Dharam ,

Niyo Global by DCB is expected to go live by end of August.
P.S Its a tentative date though


Hi @Yash_D,
Its an INR based card and the balance will always be in INR however when you transact, INR will be converted in respective currency on real time basis.


Ok, Thanks for support and the KYC for the same is gonna to be online ? or do we have to come to metro city ?

Hey Niyo gonna bring Video call kyc for Niyo DCB card soon! You no need to worry about visiting metro city, just wait few more weeks. They gonna start the onboarding customer end of this months. Hope you got everything!

Hello Niyo Global Team,
I am unable to login to the app sometimes. After I enter the passcode/fingerprint, it keeps loading for some time and later nothing happens. The server is down most of the time. I have added money to the account and I want to order the Card and do a transaction, but I can’t. Kindly resolve the issue soon.

Hey @Akash_Nandargi ! Welcome to Niyo community. Sorry to hear that. We’re aware of the issue. Please allow us some time to debug the issue. Regret the inconvenience.


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Sure, Thank you for the help.Video KYC thats great.

Hey @Ganesh_Ravindran ! Welcome to Niyo community. We’ve deleted your message as it contained sensitive information. However, we’ve understood you. You may go ahead and open a Niyo Global by SBM account in under 5 minutes and get a Niyo Global VISA Signature ‘Tap & Pay’ Debit card.

All you need to do is visit:

Appstore for iOS: https://testflight.apple.com/join/AD0wTcC7
Playstore for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.niyo.sbm
Download the app and get going.

What are the atm charges?

Hey @Milan_Joshi ! Welcome to Niyo community. Here at community, we encourage users to look for the answers before posting queries because the chances are your queries might have already been answered. You may look at the answer here:

Is the 7 lakh cap is annually? In addition, I got server down from yesterday on the app. Please fix it as soon as possible.

Hi Team,

I am using Niyo SBM account and card. I have encountered an issue of updation. App is not getting updated whenever I open. It shows last updated day, 1 day before and even when I intended to refresh, it doesn’t respond.

Even I wanna know POS transaction charges inside india of NIYO SBM card. Because, I used Niyo card in petrol bunk 2 days before and they charged an etc 7rs today for the same. It’s mentioned as SUR/ in my bank statement.

When can we expect the updated uninterrupted app for Niyo SBM?

Thanks, Manikandan

Hey @Manikandan_Subbiah ! Welcome to Niyo community. We’re sorry, you had to face that issue!

As the app is still in beta phase, you might face bugs here and there. We’re solving the “App Updation Bug” and should be resolved at the earliest.

There are no charges for POS transactions in India or in abroad. Let us get that investigated for you.

Regarding the “Server Down” message - we’re aware of the issue and are currently fixing it as you read. Request you to please try again later. Regret the inconvenience.


I’ve setup my account and everything on niyo and also received my card. Today, I was wanted to transfer money from my niyo to another bank and the server was down for quite some time. I’ve also seen people asking about this server down error multiple times in the niyo community. I wanted to confirm, how stable is this new system? I’m only relying on niyo as my forex partner and for all my transactions. The server down error occurred for me while even logging into my account which ultimately made me doubt this facility. So I had a few questions on this and I’m still trying to figure this system out as I’m a complete newbie to this whole currency exchange scene.

  1. If I want to do a transaction in future at a POS, will this server down affect my transaction as well?

  2. What are the charges for atm withdrawal?

  3. Any charges for POS transaction?

  4. When do we expect this system to be fixed and working stable?

Hey @Yash_D ! Hope you’re having a pleasant day. Great to hear that you’ve onboarded successfully and got your Niyo Global VISA Signature ‘Tap & Pay’ Debit Card. This is currently under beta program where the product undergoes rigorous testing. Once released you would not find these issue. No transactions are hampered due to server down issue on app.

(1/4) No! Server down issue will not affect any kind of transaction.

(2/4) ₹100 + taxes (per transaction) apply, additionally, acquiring bank’s charges also apply.

(3/4) There are no charges for POS and ECOM transactions.

(4/4) As the product is still under beta phase, it undergoes rigorous testing. The stable version of the app will only be released once all the debugging is done.

If you need further clarity, feel free to reach out again!