Queries regarding the new SBM card

So how TCS is charged with the SBN card ??

Hello can I also join the global smb app
Here is my email id : gamparohit@gmail.com

My email is debapriyodas2000@gmail.com and I’m using iOS

Hello @Vinay_Bagri and Team,
This is Ghayaas from Bangalore. I am travelling soon to Vancouver, Canada by mid august for studies. I was in contact with niyo representatives to get a Niyo Global DCB card from over a month. But it seems that it wont be possible to get DCB card before i travel.
I would like to be enrolled for the beta program as i need the card urgently to pay my internaitonal tuition fees. Could you help me in the onboarding for the Niyo SBM beta program ASAP?

thank you
My email is: ghayaas2995@gmail.com
device: Ios

Hi @Honey_Singh,
In SBM POS & Ecom TCS charges will be applied when you exceed ₹7 lakh in your international transactions.

Hope this helps.

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Hey @ScottishBaron @Rohit_Gampa @ghayaas_anjum @Kunal_Nandanwar

Hope you’ve downloaded the Beta version of the Niyo Global by SBM app. If not, you can find all the details here: Beta Version - Niyo Global in partnership with SBM Bank India (State Bank of Mauritius)🌎


I tried registering on the app but it says that “We couldn’t find a match in the CKYC database so we cannot proceed.”.
Can you help me with the same?

Hey @MihirManek

As per our CKYC check, it looks like your KYC doesn’t meet our requirements. So, unfortunately, we cannot proceed further with the onboarding process. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Looking forward to serve you in the future.


Can you guide me as to what is additionally required from my end to get the process done?
Looking forward to get onboarded soon.

Hey @MihirManek . I’d like to inform you that as of now nothing can be done to get you onboarded, but, rest assured, you’ll be among the first to be notified once you become eligible for the onboarding process. Regret the inconvenience.


Ohh. That is a bummer. :frowning:
I was looking forward to take the Niyo Global card along with me when i go abroad for further studies at the beginning of August.

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Hey @Amir_Quraishi ! We’ve deleted your message as is contained sensetive information. Kindly make sure to DM a Niyo representative if your message contains confidential information. We respect your privacy

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I was given the option for enrolling in Beta version. But for whatever reason it’s showing as Server Down when I try to enroll. But when I did try with my Mothers credentials it went through. What is the glitch all about ?

@ashrithjain I received the mail for Beta version and tried to register but for some reason it’s showing SERVER DOWN, please let me know when I can try to enroll again.

Hi @Aman_Singh1 @Ravi_Malik ,

Welcome to the Niyo Community!

Would suggest you to try again after sometime. Please note as its a beta version of the product there are chances you might face some snag but rest assure, we are here to help you :slight_smile:


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Dear Niyo Global Team,

I have registered for the product using an android beta access and want to use the application on my iPhone could you help me with sharing the Beta Program to the email.


Hey @mrjabk ! Welcome to Niyo Community! You may download Niyo Global for SBM for iOS from here: Join the Niyo SBM beta - TestFlight - Apple
If you do need further help, feel free to reach out again or explore the community.


Hello @Vinay_Bagri and Team,
This is Anmol from Mumbai. I am travelling soon to US in next week.
I had enrolled in Niyo beta program, my account and all is created and I’ve ordered my card, its been more than 15 days and I haven’t received any update about my card status or delivery. I’m in urgent need of card.
The delivery date showing in the app is 10 days after I’m flying.
I would request you and your team to help me, so that I get my card asap.

thank you
Device: android

Hi @angel_khurana,

Welcome to the ever-growing Niyo Community!

Once your card is shipped, you will receive an AWB number via SMS which can be used to track your card while it is in transit:

  1. Go to https://www.delhivery.com/
  2. Enter your Mobile number/ Tracking Id/ under “Waybill”
  3. Click ‘GO’
  4. View your card status

Also, DM us your registered number and we shall look into it from end as well.


Hey @angel_khurana ! We’ve edited your message because it contained a sensitive information. Kindly make sure to DM a Niyo representative if your message contains confidential information. We respect your privacy