Queries about transaction/daily limits

Had a few questions about the transaction/daily limits about the NiyoX/Equitas full KYC account.

  1. What is the transaction/daily limit for registered beneficiaries via the NiyoX app?
  2. Is there any upper limit for buying mutual funds through the app? If yes, does it have anything to do with the limit in 1) above?
  3. I have also registered for Equitas Net Banking. Are the limits separate for that, or are they clubbed together with the limits in the app?
  4. Do the above limits include incoming funds?
  5. Any way to increase the limit for registered beneficiaries?

Hey @kunal_kothari! Welcome to the Niyo community. Kindly check out the link here: What are transaction limits on the NiyoX Debit Cards? to know about the transaction limits. We would request you kindly drop a mail to investments@goniyo.com in order to get this clarified completely. Hope this helps!

Hi. I am not asking about debit card payments. I am asking about transfers to beneficiaries.

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