Provision to download Interest Certificate

Hi, It would be very helpful to have a provision in the statement section to download the Interest Certificate by Financial Year. There is no provision as of now in Equitas Internet Banking too. So would be great during these times to have the provision to request or download that statement.

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Hey @bharadhwaj

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You can get a Interest certificate from Equitas online by visiting the Equitas bank internet banking portal. All you need to do is log in to Equitas net banking page EquitasConsumerApp and register yourself as a new user and follow the below steps

  1. Login to Equitas internet banking
  2. On the home page, click on ‘Service Request’ and then choose ‘DIY Services’
  3. Click on ‘Term Deposit Interest certificate’
  4. Select the financial year
  5. Select date range.


Hi Ranjith,

Thank you for the help here. But it doesn’t cover the savings bank interest, right? Since this account was giving around 7% interest the savings account interest also has been significant like an FD or TD itself. So is there anyway to get the interest certificate for the normal savings bank interest?

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