Product Code Change

How much time it takes for the Product Code Change service request to get completed. Currently, I am unable to load more than 1L into my account.

PS: My KYC is done and a few days back I got an SMS from IDFC that they have created the service request for the same. Still waiting.

Hey Bony! Welcome to Niyo community.

Usually, it takes 3-4 working days for the service code to be updated post biometric. Seems like you are still unable to transfer the funds more than one lakh. In this case, we suggest you to write to us at so that we can fix it for you. ∞VS


It took me around 6 days (4 working days) to get this done. Contact Niyo team, they get the job done.

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It took me 2 weeks… But it did happen ultimately

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Thanks guys. It’s done for me as well after contacting support.

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