Processing wealth account? Please solve immediately i want physical card and ih

Hey @piyush_arora! Welcome to Niyo Community!

Inconvenience regretted! A few users are facing this issue while onboarding for Niyo SBM. This has been highlighted to our team and they are working on it. Unfortunately, we do not have a tentative timeline for it. We’ll reach out to you upon receiving an update on this from our team. In the meantime, you may try NiyoX which offers a 0 forex mark-up for international transactions. Read more about the Difference between NiyoX and Niyo SBM - #2 by Deepak


Sir i am traveling person i really need lounge access so thatswhy please consider as soon as possible .

Hey @piyush_arora! I can understand your concern. If there is a possibility to help you, we never hesitate to extend our support. Unfortunately, I cannot assure any timelines to fix the onboarding issue. Due to that reason, I’ve suggested NiyoX as an alternative for international transactions.


Hey @piyush_arora! If you are facing an issue with live photo capture on your device, we kindly request you to retry on a different handset/mobile and check if you are able to proceed further.



Hey @piyush_arora ! We understand this has taken too long to resolve but we assure you that we are working diligently to solve the issue as soon as we can. We will let you know as soon as your account is created. We regret the delay caused and sincerely appreciate your patience. -WB

I have flight 28 augest i want card.