Problem with debit card order

I have raised the new debit card request from niyox app but my request is rejected by bank. I need a new debit card and I request the bank to please help me in this regard.

Hey @Ashraf_Ansari ! We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience you had to endure. Kindly allow me some time, let me check with our team and we’ll get back to you soon. -WB

Hey @Ashraf_Ansari ! Thank you so much for your precious time on call. We’re glad to know that your account is now active and you are able to make successful transactions. As you have sent an email to the bank requesting for Bank. We’d suggest you please wait for their reply. Please reach out to our Live chat support by navigating through the Menu->Support section in the NiyoX app if we can ever assist in the future.- WB

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