Problem with account opening

Hello team , I am facing onboarding issue, the error is " the name on the document are mismatch". Although my kyc documents are same but I’m still facing this problem, give me a way to solve this problem ASAP.

My registered email

My registered mobile - 9637101669

I have onboarding issue . While I’m going to open my niyox account it’s showing me " the name on documents mismatch" . Although my name on kyc documents are same but I’m still facing this issue.
My registered mobile :- 96371 01669
My registered email :-

Hey @Sam_Ansari! We believe that you are inquiring about Mohd Husain’s onboarding. To let you know, while onboarding for NiyoX, our system fetches the PAN details from NDSL records. Here, it looks like there is a mismatch in your name on your PAN (as per NDSL) and Aadhaar. Here, you may have to update your PAN details as the same as in your Aadhaar. Once your details are updated, you should be able to complete the onboarding.


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Sir I already updated my pan card as per my aadhar details and now my aadhar and pan card both are same. But I’m still facing this issue. I’m attaching my aadhar and pan card for your reference

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