Problem with Account Creation

Hello, @ashrithjain I need it by August end. Because my college is going to to start from 1st September and I have to pay tuition fee. Please help me with this as soon as possible.


It’s been 5 days since I’ve tried to create my account. Still there aren’t any progress. Pls help me resolve this issue.

Thanks @iamadityamalik . I contacted them via email, was told to wait till 25th of August. Hope this gets resolved soon.

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Update: I reached out to them on 25th and there’s been no response from their side till today(27/08/21).

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I feel you. I contacted them on 14th August and am still waiting for a resolution. @Bansari @Ranjith @ashrithjain @Sai any help here?

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This is definitely not the experience we should be having. At least they could have kept us updated on the status of our ticket. I now doubt nothing being done in the background and there’s no point in waiting further.

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Hey folks! We’re really sorry for the delayed response. Trust us, even we didn’t want you to experience this. However, stay noted that we’re rigorously working on fixing this issue that you all are facing and should be resolved in the upcoming days. We understand that you’ve already waited. But, kindly allow us some more time to get this resolved. We promise not to disappoint you all this time. Really appreciate your cooperation and patience :person_in_lotus_position:.


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I also have the same problem it’s almost a month I have created on 6 Aug but still I see account creation pending message please help me.

@bchraviteja i don’t expect them to have a resolution to this anytime soon. If you want this card for the 0 forex charges, I’d say sign up for NiyoX instead. They’ve recently introduced new cards with 0% forex, zero balance account and best of all, IT WORKS.

Thankyou @iamadityamalik great suggestion let me check it

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