POS transactions getting declined. Money deducted from account

I have been using the Niyo SBM Global card for the past month and my experience for the most part has been satisfactory. The app still needs a lot of polishing. The OTP needs to go. The transactions aren’t updated quickly and they lag a day or two behind the actual dates. The same is the case with the account balance. However, for the past week, the Global card was declined at all POS terminals where in the past it worked smoothly. Not only that but even with transaction failure, the money was deducted from my account. All the card settings were OK and there was no scheduled maintenance around those times. It has made me wary of using the Global card. How can one reliably use it in such cases when it has consistently stopped working?

I have already raised a ticket (Ticket No. 1080850) but thought others might also share their experience.

@Sai @Rajat_Prajapati @ashrithjain @sharmatiru I suggest the Niyo team focus on getting the core infrastructure in place so that primitive functions like POS transactions go through smoothly. Otherwise, the issue wouldn’t have persisted for more than a week. The refund might take a day or even 15 days. But it isn’t fair to put the burden on someone who is in a foreign land and might need the money for emergency use.

Thanks @zm for the feedback and I completely agree with you - successfully transactions are really important especially when we are abroad. We are definitely going to look into this. Sorry about the hassle you’ve had to face.

About the OTP - do you mean OTP for fund transfers or the card settings? If you mean for card settings, then it’s in development and should be live soon. :slight_smile:

@Savitri_Bobde I meant OTP for accessing the card settings and details. But the OTP for transactions could also be replaced with a swipe notification on the phone that could only be accessed when the phone is unlocked. Regarding the transaction failure at POS terminals, the issue seems to be on your side. I cross-checked with the business owners and the transaction from my Visa card didn’t go through. In the past, the card worked smoothly and was the envy of my friends using HDFC’s multi-currency forex card. Now, I have to rely on them.

The Niyo SBM Global card has UPI integration since the backend is an SBM savings account. So, any UPI app could be used to handle transactions in India. However, in Europe, Google Pay and Apple Pay are prevalent as people prefer contactless payments. Since most smartphones nowadays come with NFC having support for Apple Pay and Google Pay is a must-have. We can only carry our phones and still make payments. I was surprised to see folks voting for Visa’s payWave which has zero relevance to forex payments. Google Pay already uses virtual cards to avoid exposing user account info to the merchant or the POS terminal. HDFC’s “normal” Visa debit card supports Google Pay and Apple Pay but Niyo SBM Global card doesn’t. These are just some of the use cases I try frequently. If the core infrastructure is robust, transactions go through without failure (disputed transaction redressal mechanism needs to be worked on), info on app is updated instantly (OTP :blush: ), and Google Pay/ Apple Pay integration is introduced, the Niyo SBM Global card would be my go-to card.

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Thanks Yameen for taking the time out to give us detailed feedback. I’m going to forward this to my product team and as I can see you’ve tagged them too. :slight_smile:

Appreciate the prompt response. The deductions have been refunded into my account. I hope you take my feedback in good stride. Let me know about the transactions failures that have been experienced by other Global card users. The email response I received (Ticket # 1080850) was vague. How could I reliably start using the Global card again? You might understand my cautious behavior since I am on a tight budget as a student.

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Thanks, @zm for the detailed feedback. We have removed OTP for accessing card settings and details in the new update ( except PINset/reset which we will give on Email very soon). Do check it out and let us know your thoughts.
We would love to hear more thoughts/feedback if you have any. DM Savitri or I or a post also works fine.

Hi @Rajat_Prajapati. The update finally gets rid of OTP for accessing the card settings and details. Regarding the availability of OTP on email, I have noticed a significant delay (~ 2-3 hours) in receiving the mail. This has happened at least twice. Though most of the time the OTP on email is instant. It does feel there is still room for improvement.