#Poll > Interested in investing in something new yet familiar?

Hi everyone, we at Niyo are working on a new and exciting feature and need your opinion.

We all daily use products/services from big tech giants like Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, etc but a lot of us don’t invest in these companies. How many you would be willing to pay for a service which allows you to trade stocks on NASDAQ directly?

  • Count me in!
  • I am okay with investing in international mutual funds if someone guides me on how to
  • That’s not my cup of trades

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By trading stocks do you mean intraday trading?

1st of all, try to solve the existing issues faced by the customer. My debit card is not working since I have started my account with you guys. This simple local matter has not been solved yet. And you are trying to make people to invest in nasdaq and nyse :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:

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Please fix the current issues first before trying to come up with new things all the time.

It has been several days we are not able to use IDFC Card for forex payments and there is absolutely no update or fix provided by you people. This forum is filled with such complaints.

Hi goneo,
We are not inclined to provide intraday trading.

In that case how are you planning to do it differently than the one already in the market like vested? High cost of funding has been major issue. If you can work on that than it might be worth for users like me.

You got that right @goneo, high cost of funding indeed is a mammoth challenge and while we are trying to solve that, it won’t be solved overnight since it requires concerted efforts from an Indian bank, the sponsor bank in the US, a customer-facing app like Niyo, and maybe regulatory.

The payment would be a percentage fees or a fixed fees?
Currently what is the minimum amount that can be invested by existing solutions?
Only stocks or ETFs too?

Any teaser of when we might see a beta?