#Poll > How do you participate in stock markets?

Hey Everyone

We would like to know how you participate in stock markets.
Please note that the question is specific to trading/investing in stocks listed on BSE/NSE, but not Mutual funds and Stock Markets outside India!

When it comes to investing or trading into stock markets, I associate myself the most with

  • I am not interested in buying stocks.
  • I have never bought stocks but I am interested in buying stocks if someone guides me.
  • I buy stocks from an investment and wealth creation philosophy and plan to hold them for long term irrespective of their short term performance.
  • I buy stocks for short to medium term wealth building and realise my profits after i achieve my targets (average holding period varies from few months to few years)
  • I am a positional or a swing trader and i take advantage of trends/momentum/technical indicators while buying and selling stocks
  • I am a day trader and buy and sell within a day

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